Saturday, July 7, 2012

What if i would start painting tyranids?

Good morning everyone!I ve just woke up, and before i ll start working on the death company marines box i must share yesterady quickie with you. Yesterday, when visited my favourite wargaming store i decided to purchase inconspicuous little box allong with other stuff i wanted. I chose tyranid termagant snapifits becouse i wanted to try paint few tyranids since i ve seen excelent tutorial how to paint tyranid warior on beasts of war youtube channel before it got deleted year and half ago. I ve painted just one piece, just to try paint scheme i always liked. In fact its the only colour schme i like on the tyranids as gw colour scheme, or commonly seen nids with red skin and carpaces with all colours of rainbow seems disgusting to me. I dont want to insult anyone, its always matter of personal tase, but i cant help my self becouse since my childohood when i see combination of purple and white i start feeling sick. It dont have to be on model, it could be anywhere on clothes, walls, cars....i just hate that combination.
Anyway, lets get back to painting. Again i chose very simple approach as usual, keeping in mind the less steps i ll have to take, the less chances to mess somethink i ll have;-) Why I chose simplicity has another reason as well and its becouse people are usualy painting tyranid basic troops in huge numbers and as im ussualy painting gaming minis as my skills does not allow me to paint to display standart, i wanted to keep painting procedure as simple as possible to allow me assembly line style of painting if i ll have to paint huge number of these quick anytime in future. Basicly paint job consists of skin tone undercoat, followed by two layers of sephia wash on whole body. Carpace received first layer of german grey colour followed by black wash, trying to push-pull towards the reces leaving exposed parts clean. Then i started adding blue to the german grey basecoat highlighting carpace as seen on the picture. Weapon received coat of ogryn flesh wash and details were painted in scorpion green and thats it, we ve got our termagant finished in little more than half of an hour! Ideal approach for mass painting tyranid troops i guess;-)
Hope you like the colour scheme same as i am and i ll say bye for now as i must make my self cup of coffe before i ll start cuting death company marines out of sprues. See u and thanks for reading!

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