Saturday, July 28, 2012

Speedpainted Krieg Quartermaster

Hello everyone! Another quick update about whats happening on my desk. I painted this piece during the week to try if i remembered anythink from speedpainting dvd from miniature mentor. I must say the techinque i saw on the video is really easy to use if you remember to thin your paint a lot and use biger than fine detail brush for bigger surfaces as well. This was different approach than i ussualy chose for painting miniatures and even with ressult nowhere near perfection i think im on a good way to improve my miniature painting at least by little bit. The trick was to undercoat miniature with black undercoat and then highlight it with white color spraying from directly above of the model. Doing these two steps as a preparation really makes painting and shading much easier. Then its just about painting with very diluted paints and as you know the paint ll cover white parts just fine while beeing semitransparent on the black undercoated surface creating nicely shaded impression. Of course just this is not enought to create effect you see on the photo and you have to apply some more highlights but i think its easy and effective way how to achieve solid shadining. I know the ressult is just humble table top quality, but it was just a first try and i hope i ll get better at using this procedure in next few miniatures as models on that tutorial video looked just awesome and i recommend buying it if you are at about same level with painting as i am and you are willing to improve yourself, its worth your money.
Next week ll be quite bussy as i have package with devil dog, leman russ and chimera waiting for me at the post office so i ll keep updating blog daily as i need painted them all for next saturady minitournament in our local gaming club. Thanks for reading guys!

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