Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just finished my first IG allies - Death company

Good morning everyone! Its been quite while since i first saw death company models and since that time i wanted to paint them for my collection. However becouse i had no use for them and i did not wanted to build whole death company army list i kept delaying their purchase till now. With 6ed allready out allies rumors got confirmed and now i can enrich my imperial guard army by their presence. This is the first 5 men group as im planing to use 10 man squad in land raider crusader. I still did not think about an HQ choice for them, but i think it ll be better to ask blood angels player whitch one should be the best.
I really enjoyed painting these dudes. Basecoated them with obvious black color to highlight whole models with german grey from above to finish highlighting sharp edges with mix of light grey and german grey. Rest of paintjob is pretty obvious as i ve just slaped the rest of colours on to them. Playing a bit with red tones but unfortunately i never manage to persuade my camer to catch different reds.
Again, these are not masterpieces, but i came at stage when i begin to accept the level of my skill and it ll be damn hard, if not impossible to improve my painting in future, but still i love painting and i gues thats most importatnt thing about hobby.
If you like the picture you can click play on the video as well and let me know how you like them or not. Thanks for reading & watching and see you soon!

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