Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wolf Guard Terminator - finaly with pictures

Hi again today! I finaly fixed my problem with the camera and took decent pictures of wolf guard terminator i ve been painting last weekend so you can enjoy the figure in its full glory;-) Im quite pleased how he turned out while looking at him and i originaly tought i ll just paint this figure and sell it but right now i just dont want to give it away and i think it ll stay on my table for some time, at least till i ll make remaining terminators from the same box;-) As i know begginer space wolves players/painters are often looking how to paint different kinds of blue/grey colours  i ll add painting notes below again as i think it ll be easier to find when bit separated like this than mentioned somewhere in the wall of text.

Painting notes:
Armor: vma german grey/pale blue adding more pale blue as zenitaly highlighting.
Eyes: scorpion green, adding bit of white for highlights
Blood: vma scarlet red+uhu glue
Snow: Red Devil Onetime filler


  1. Nice work here.. like the effect of it. The eyes especially have a great glow to them. Wonderful work here.

    Wondering if you will ever have a chance to do a tutorial on your snow? I have some Space Wolfs I am doing up, and I think this would look good on their base.

    1. Hi Lee! thanks for comment and im glad you like it. Well i ll have a chance to make it as i ll have winter themed bases for all my iron warriors so i guess i can make couple of pictures and write comments. However it ll be quite simple like:1st step - take a filler on to your brush, 2nd step - put it on to the base.
      But i think this is what people wants so i ll keep that in mind for next article;-)

    2. Indeed, it might be simple to you, but it is like magic to us mere mortals ;) Looking forward to it, and more of these guys!

    3. Thanks ll, but im mortal too and i think you are better painter than i am as you improved a lot with past few models. Anyway i ll do the tutorial as soon as i ll be doing next snow themed base(hopefuly this weekend), but belive me, its more about product im using than individual skill;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Hope next one will be even better;-) Nice works on your blog btw!


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