Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Vindicator painted

Hi all! Finaly i ve finished new piece for my iron warriors project and i cant imagine IW army without couple of vindicators;-) Here is first of two planned for my new army. I must say this was very annoying model to paint, not becouse the model itself but as i mentioned post ago i injured my leg on tuesday and it hurted as hell most of the time i was painting this piece and i had to force my self to paint at least hour per day to have this model finished by weekend as i dont want to be behind with my plan having playable army in january.
During painting i learned from mistakes i did while painting IW land raider and been more careful with washes creating more intense shading than i made on that LR month ago.  I quite like the model itself but i cant help my self and ll have to force me to learn painting lenses as they does not look good on any of my vehicles and are big let down. Another addition i have to make is to ebay hanging chains and chaos accesories like are on chaos land raider sprue asi i really like the chains but dont like spikes as i dont want my chaos vehicles look like hedgehogs;-)
Right now i consider vehicle 90% done, all the the painting(except lenses)is done and now its time for ebay hunt and call friends asking for obsolete bits whitch could be used to enhance models and add some little extra than aviable straight from the box.
Hope you like the model even its little boring at this stage of building, but thats what is it right now and i hope i ll please your eye bit more with chaos termies i ve got waiting for basecoat right now on my table. Thanks for reading and see you by next update of my iron warriors army!

Painting notes:
Hull - VMA Black metal airbrushed all over the model then added couple layers of airbrushed black shade wash creating shading.
Bozer blade - same as hull, on to hazard stripes area was airbrushed white primer first, then coat of VMA gold yellow. Black stripes are obviously painted by black colour. Then enriched the yellow coat by sephia wash again carefuly airbrushed in thin coats concentrating on the bottom parts.


  1. Quality work. The dozer blade looks especially good

    1. Thank you! It took extra care to make sure it ll be cool, however as i mentioned, vehicle itslef need some extra detailing to be as cool as dozer blade:-o


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