Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wolf Guard Terminator showcase

Hello everyone! Finaly found a time to write an update as i hurted my ankle yesterday and im stuck at home with cripled leg. Sounds like good news as i ll have plenty of time paint models i ve got waitng unpainted on my desk for few following days, but with no commisions pending i ll be stuck without income for next week. However after 6 years it finaly came and i ll spend couple of days ill and take some rest and learn somethink new, walking with walking stick!;-)
Anyway, here is what i want to show you today a Wolf guard terminator i painted during last weekend. I used same colours like with second sentinel i ve been painting for my imperial guard army if you remember. Basecoated model with my favourite vallejo model air german grey and zenithal highlighting by adding VMA pale blue to the mix having ratio for final highlight about 1 part german grey and 2 parts for pale blue and added one more drop of pale blue for edge hughlights. Rest of the miniature is pretty obvious, used scorpion green for glow efect around eyes, added bit of white for eye highligh and so with the rest of the model.
I really enjoyed this as it was relaxing piece to give me break from iron warriors army im building right now and as space wolves were my first 40K army it was really interesting to compare how i ve been painting year and half ago and now.
Unfortunately i had some problems with camere so video showcase ll have to be enought for this piece and i hope you ll like it. Thanks for visit and reading & see you soon by more pieces for my chaos army;-)

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  1. Nice work on the terminator as always :) Gave you the Liebster Award also for your work with your comms and the Iron Warriors! Check my blog for the details.


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