Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday relaxing with wolf guard terminator

Hi all! Wanted to say you hello today as i dont have anything to do for couple of minutes and you know that feeling when few minutes is not enought to start doing somethink and too much to do nothing. So why not write a short update to let you know whats on my desk right now;-) As i received package from wayland games yesterday i finaly have all the models i need to make my new chaos army playable at at least 1000 points, but along with chaos vindicator i recived wolf guard terminators box whitch i ordered as its wonderfull kit and i need a lot of bits from it to enhance quite boring sprues of chaos terminators. Im planning to use heads from wgt box, some power weapons, few extra shoulderpads and while i was cutting the wolf guard sprues i realized i ll have enought parts to make couple of wolf guard terminators just for my pleasure. Im nearly done with terminator i started painting this morning so i ll show you just black and white wip picture for now, but except finished pictures and maybee video showcase as well by tommorow. Right now i can say this piece was nice break from chaos sorched black coulour scheme and time to time you just have to paint side mini to clear your toughts and just have a few hours of break from bigger project. See you tommorow guys and thanks for visit & reading!

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