Saturday, June 15, 2013

Come Get Some! - another 40k mini diorama

Hi everyone, here i am with probabbly biggest base i ve constructed till now;-) Its made mostly from the cork, few 40k bits i had laying around my desk and three tubes of super glue. Please note this is still as a work in progress as im not happy with the termagants and they ll be replaced by somethink little bigger like tyranid warrior or lictor when i ll have trip to hobby store and free cash to buy it. Actualy termagants here are not that bad, when under naked eye. Problem is i gave their carpace parts coat of gloss varnish as i wanted to give them slimy, light reflecting look and it looks exactly as i wanted and its great when looking at the scene on my table but not on the picture:-/  Im having big trouble taking a proper picture as scene is so big and i struggle to light it properly and focus camera on a whole. I decided to give up right now as im going to replace termagants anyway in near future and take proper pictures when i ll be 100% happy with the ressult.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, im glad u like it, even its still work in progress!;-)

  2. Looks absolutely awesome! Termagaunts fit it well, you just might make them more gritty dark or dirty
    But overall fantastic piece

    1. Hi & Thanks Adam, im just considering two options. One is use of space hulk tyranids as i can get them for real cheap, and second option is use of chaos cultists lurking in the bottom corridor and forge world renegade ogryn facing sw terminator on top. In both cases there ll be additional features added like nid-slime or chaos corruption and blood splashes on floor etc. depending for whitch theme i ll decide...we ll see. Thanks for comment;-)


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