Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last charge - another diorama

Hello everyone! Not even a week and im back with another diorama. This one was not planned but here is it. I found bits of a demon prince in one of my bits boxes couple of days ago and i just did not resisted urge to paint this dude. I painted this daemon prince 3 times last year and then i enraged as i was still not happy with paintjob and stomped on him to release my anger.
Fixing this dude was not easy as he had broken legs, broken arms and broken wings. However i found box with rest of the bits si i could replace wings torsos. Replaced one of the arms(sword was bended and broken so i could not fix it) and started painting.

I did not expected it ll start turning out as good as it is right now and diorama was not planned at all but as i had allready painted another space wolf on my table i tought "why not?" and base was built within the moments. I did not created anythink epic as when you examine daemon prince carefuly u can still find the places where he was broken, its noticable this is fourth paint on him and thats why i did not wanted to use some of the parts i keep for other projects. However when looking at the scene its a bit shame a chose as simple as possible way as i like it a lot, but thats what is it and i learned another valuable lesson, to never underestimate how impresive even borken model can be;-)
Enjoy the pictures, enjoy the video, u can rate the model HERE if you want and thans for reading!

1 comment:

  1. Nice work as always here mate. I really like how the daemon prince came out in the end. A nice little scene between them here, and the snow is a nice touch as always. Congrats!


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