Saturday, October 5, 2013

Small Tau army showcase

Hello everyone, after couple of months of blogging break im back with my new project i ve been slowly working on for last couple of months. Those few followers who remembers first posts here knew i was building tau army at that time and was expecting new tau codex soon. However rumors turned out to be fake and i sold the few models i had finished stating i ll start again when the new codex ll come out. Unfortunately for me tau dex came out just when i started my grey knights army so i did not started right when new models became aviable but delayed the start untill i ll have my gks ready for casual games.
And the time has come, still have some work left on the grey knights but i bought tau battleforce and couple of models allready and here is what i can share with you. Not much, just tau flier, squad of fire warriors, stealth suits, few battlesuits and XV88 finished for now and decided to take group photo as it began look nice;-)
Still have unopened boxes of fire warriors and another XV88, plenty of drones and piranha from the battleforce. After these few models i ll probably add pathfinders and hammerhead, have a couple of low points games and then i ll decide what to add next(tempted to buy swarm of remora drones).
Hope you ll like whats done till now, no painting notes for now as i want to make tutorial on painting piranha and all the colours ll be mentioned there.

Thanks for reading and hope u ll visit this place again!;-)


  1. You took you're time with the models and it shows. Please take a bit more time on your writing. All the grammar, spelling, and formatting issues really make it difficult to read.

  2. Great start mate. Love the direction you have taken them. Can't wait to see more of them!

    1. Hi Lee, thanks and im glad u like it;-) However it ll take week or two till i ll have next model finished as unfortunately i dont have that much time aviable as i used to. However i ll try to keep them comming one by one;-)


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