Saturday, February 2, 2013

Toying with grey knight land raider

Hello everyone! After month and few days long painting break whitch i had to take for several reasons and one of them was i strated playing MMOs again, second i need to save some money i would spend on models as i ll have pretty big expenses elsewhere in couple of month and third main reason was exhaustion, not exactly painting burnout, but i had a lot of work at job, lot of work at home and at some point i felt like i dont want to paint anythinkg at the time and did not wanted to push it and decided its time to do nothing at all, at least for couple of weeks.
And here i am, after month long break i ve painted land raider that was originaly purchased for my iron warriors army but insted of that it received grey knight colours. Dont worry, im not giving up Iron Warriors project, just started another one as a oposing force for my IWs so they can look at each other on my display shelf above painting/computer/anythink desk:-)

Must say I really enjoyed first model after that long break and i did not used anythink special, did not tried any new technique for this model, just the ussual steps i do every time when painting vehicle. And the ressult? Well i quite like how the model turned out, yes there are some details i missed but overall impression from the model is one of the best i achieved so far and i am really surprised major improvement came after that long break. Well, its up to you to judge if i am right or not, and i would like to hear your opinions.
This model is start of my little side project to add some variation to my painting desk, and to try few new colour schemes. I always wanted to try non metalic scheme for grey knights, but did not wanted to start an army becouse, and if are gaming at least casualy in your area you ll confirm, everyone has grey knights. At least everyone had year ago, but now with 6ed out for some time and new dexes comming, fotm fags are giving up on GKs and moving to other armies so i belive time has come for me to build at least patrol game sized force with few additions of model i like, like is this land raider or storm raven as a next vehicle model i would like to paint;-)
Thanks for reading guys, hope you like the model and see you really soon as i have the next piece almost finished, see you then!

Painting notes:
Hull: VMA medium sea grey as a bassecoat, VMA Pale grey blue for highlights
Rust effect: Airbrushed vallejo sephia wash in spots, concentrating on where i sponged paint chips and around rivets.
Chiped paint: sponged mix of burnt umber/black
Wash: every line, every rivet and every reces received oil wash of burnt umber with hint of black
Metallics: all boltgun metal, drybruhed silver

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