Sunday, January 1, 2012

Continuing with cadian battleforce

Hi all, i woke up today and decided to continue painting my cadian battleforce. There should be few work in progress pictures around but even these are still not finished i allready noticed they ll not be the best guardsmen around. However im quite satisfied with colour theme i chose for them, but thats the matter of everyones personal taste. Anyway these gave me oportunity to try highlighting cloth recesses and blending. Im still not familiar with this technique but still have dozen of guardsmen to practice on so i hope i ll learn how to make good use of it. As you see on pictures i cought my self rushing again so i ll have to take every figure and rework details and highlights again, and learn discipline as its think im really lacking attention to details.
Finaly another thing i ll have to start using is magnifying glass becouse my eyes are not what they used to be and i notice most of my mistakes on the photos when seen on computer monitor and thats too late.I wonder if i ll ever manage to paint mini i ll be satisfied with even for few days, but only way to found out is to keep trying and sart using tools like magnifying glass to make my painting easier. Hope you are not disgusted by my work so far, but i promise my self im going to rework these and correct every mistake i ll be able to found on them;-) See you soon and hope i ll be more successful next time

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