Friday, December 30, 2011

Whats on the desk?

Hello everyone, i finaly got my hands on to cadian battleforce i ordered last week. At the moment im overwhelmed by numbers of plastic soldiers inbox, but i must say i enjoy it so far. One little exception was today morning when i found out, gw dont include at least on melta or plasma gun on to humble guardsmen sprue and had to dive in to deepest corners of my bitz box to found couple of plastic plasma guns i had left form grey hunters sprues. However im quite surprised how i enjoy painting these litle dudes. I did not liked their look with standart paint theme as can be often seen on games workshop site and except few expections cool mini or not is lacking better than average imperial guard soldiers i would like as well. Sure, there are great kriegs or elysians paint schemes but as long as i dont have money printer these are out of my reach. So i had to come with colour theme i ll enjoy painting, ll be simple enought for me to keep focused on army as a whole and not trying to simplify even more. I took inspiration from dow: soulstorm na its army painter features and when tried i chose to paint them grey flak armor and dark green cloth. So far i like them a lot, unfortunately i had time to take just this crapy picture but i hope it ll give you idea on what i am working right now. Expect a lot of imperial guard work in progres posts in following weeks, and wish me steady hand as i ll need it hightlighting mases of humble imperial guard infantry;-)

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