Monday, December 19, 2011

Painting Valkyrie - finished

Helo everyone, i ve just woke up and im must say im pretty impresed how votes on cmon for my finished valkyrie are growing. Its probably my best paint job i ve ever done and i know it even without cmon, but it always make you happy when you know ppl like your work. Still i made more than few mistakes during asembling/painting this kit and i ll try to avoid them on my next model. What it ll be? I dont know at the moment, hardest week of work lies just hour and half before me and that combined with total exhaustion of my wallet(yes, i ve bought generous presents for everyone this year)is not going to give much space to think about painting in few following days.
Still, i have four last grey hunters unpainted for my space wolves army so maybe instead of trying to get vote rating 8.0 on cmon with leman russ it is time to improve my figure painting as best score i ve ever got is 6.3 with my fire wariors and rat ogre whitch is not so much and i would like to hit at least 7 with my figures. That is going to be hard if im not going to cheat my self with puting on low resolution photos and so, but with help of my newly gained airbrush experience and help of youtube guides, i think reaching my goal ll be possible if i ll keep trying hard enough. Hope you enjoyed pics of my finished valkyrie and see you by next post;-)
- Tryzna

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