Friday, December 16, 2011

Painting Valkyrie - part 2

After sunday and monday painting break while waiting for paints i needed to arrive i managed to spent a few hours on my valkyrie. Started covering whole model with vma german grey. I had whole model preshaded allready so i tried to dilute paint and spray in thin layers to achieve desired effect. I partialy succeeded on this, effect was not as strong as i wanted to, but i managed to make nice surface with color variations around panel lines so basicaly ive got what i wanted and decided to move on and try to enhance shading even more later. Yellow parts were done by layer of  vma ochre and then another coat of golden yellow. I did not sprayed yellow paint straight on to model as i dont have good experience with painting yellow on to darker surface so i decided for ochre in few layers first and then added patchy coat of yellow later.
Camo patern was done with help of masking tape and that step was pretty simple, just added thin layer of vma light grey. At this stage i ended with awfuly clean model and i dont like models looking like brand new and enjoy weathering models most of whole painting. Took a sponge and started to dab german grey paint on to camo i did with light grey to achieve worn look. Then did the same with mix of chaos black and bestial brown on whole model, concentrating on edges and most used parts as you can see on first picture.
Model is in pretty good state right now but still lacks a lot of detail so i painted few dots on the spots i tought oil may be loosing with well thinned oil paint, waited about a minute and then with dry brush expanded the dot to look like streak of surface polution.
You can se result of this method on second picture, i like this effect a lot but this is the first time i tried it and my aim with diluting paint was to have streaks semi transparent on the end but i ve failed to achieve that. I ll have to practice this on piece of plastic later, but in the end it does not look bad, just not the way i wanted to.
Before previevous step was time to give whole model an oil wash, but as im lacking mat varnish at the moment and becouse xmas rush at work i have no time to go to the nearest hoby store and buy a can of it i decided to further shade the surfaces on the model with help of my favourite gw washes. First layer was uneaven layer of gryphone sephia wash shooting through the airbrush dilluted about 1:1 ratio with water. After couple of minutes i came back and did one more run concentrating on yellow parts of model and around panel lines. Then loaded delvan mud wash and repeated whole proces, but concentrating more on panel lines and less on to flat surfaces. Last layer was badab black wash diluted about 2:1 with water as i wanted realy thin coat of it and airbrushed it just around panel lines.
You can see state my model is in on the last picture. Its still much to do on my valkyrie and im quite satisfied with it as its first kit im doing whole with airbrush. Still theres a lot or room for improvements but i think its looking just fine to serve for gaming purposes. Let me know in coments what would you do different or better than i as feeback is pretty important for me and its hard to improve without it. See you by next and probably last part of valkyrie building log.

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