Sunday, December 11, 2011

Painting Valkyrie - part 1

Hello everyone, after first use of my first real airbrush on shrine of aquila kit(ll add pics later) i decided to try what i have learned on somethink  more complex and less boring than ruined building kit. I chose imperial guard valkyrie kit for several reasons, while new tau rumors say the are delayed couple of months i decided to build small 1K points imperial guard army for friendly home games while waiting for new tau models. Second reason is somehow sentimental, but assembling plane kit reminded me my childhood and building never ending row of mig-21s and soviet ww2 planes kits as they were easy to get and incredibly cheap here during comunism era. However i  never had chance to paint them as my father kept reminding me im an idiot incompetent to complete such a difficult task. Now finaly, after more than two decades i took valkyrie kit as a chance to complete plane kit i never had chance to complete.
Lets have a look what i have done so far, i decided not to use sponson heavy bolter gunners as i want side doors being able to shut for easier transport as ankles bolters are mounted on seems too fragile to me to dare transporting with bolters out and gunners would prevent me to do so. With my experience of painting land raider interior for no reason as it ll never be seen again unless i ll have flashlight in hand i decided to make interior as simple as possible. Just painted it with vma german green and drybrushed by boltgun metal. Thats it, just for case someone ll want to have a look inside, however, if there ll be flashlight nearby im screwed anyway. So far i ve just continued building, then sprayed whole model with grey primer while masking finished pilots and preshaded large surface to prevent flat look of my space wolves.
Not much is done so far, but im waiting for package of vallejo model air colors as i found out airbrushing citadel colors, even diluted, is challenge im not going to take. They are constantly cloging my airbrush, create watery surface and the paint is drying on tip of the needle during painting while vma paint range works like a charm i decided to wait for couple of days before continuing as i want to enjoy painting and concentrate all my effort on to painting instead of trying to persuade my airbrush and citadel colors to flow properly.  

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