Saturday, December 3, 2011

Early xmas

My first real airbrush
Hello everyone, first i have to say i hate xmas, i dont like visiting family, pretending joy and happines while teribly bored, usualy sick and tired after december rush at work(especialy week before xmas i fell like working in madhouse instead of liqor store). But, this year is going to be better than that, or at least more bearable than usually as somebody noticed what my interests are and after many many years i ve got a present whitch made me really happy. After half year of tortue with citadel spray gun and home made copy of 20yrs old model of aerograph i ve got my first real airbrush. I know its just fengda, but it works way better than i expected(thats why i never bought it my self, becouse i tought it ll be simillar to spray gun). Tested it on shrine of aquila i assembled yesterday and working with it is real joy, now i can practice using preshading and all other advanced techniques i could not even think about with my old spray gun. Hope this tool ll help me to take my model painting to level im hoping for and i belive having a decent equipment shoud not harm my chances for even a little improvement. See you soon by shrine of aquila painting diary entry;-)

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