Sunday, November 27, 2011

Refining old model - weathering

Hi again, i came back to my working table to further enhance my not so good looking land raider model. I wanted to add  more colour variation to flat looking model. I washed bottom part of lr chasis wit several layers of devlan mud and after dried i weathered it again using oil paints. It was first time i was doing this and im not familiar with it yet, but i have few rhinos left to train on and i ll try to cover my findings about using oil paints for weathering later in another article. Next step was(as i love dirty looking models)adding layer of light earth powder to 2/3 of lr height. I know not everyone ll like that much of dirt, but its up to everyones taste.
after refing - stage 2
Second layer in bottom parts was obvious dark earth powder. Its my first experience with weathering powders and i think they save a lot a time during weathering the model and they are bit cheaper and better looking than method i was trying before. I added "before refining" photo and todays picture for you to see what can weathering powders do even in unexperienced hands. I ll practice a bit on my rhinos with oil paints and this weathering set. When satisfied with results i ll try to make simple, few steps long guide for you to follow. Not much of news or useful newbie guides today but im happy i made my lr look at least little better than before.

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