Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fire warriors finished

Hello everyone, just a quick update about my fire warrior squad. First batch is finished and i like how they came out. Sure there is many things i ll have to improve, like mold cleaning and do what i did now cleaner in general but i think i ve reached tabletop quality level allready and i can only hope and work harder to get improved with next batch. Since wip picture i decided to wash most recesses and ressult was worth the effort, same as make an addition to traditional sand and grass bases(cant help my self but i like sand and grass theme most). Right now im thinking about adding some battle damage to their armor, but i think i ll just keep these as they are. Hope you like them. Im still thinking about what i should paint as next model, maybe another tau model?Or leman russ tank im thinking about for couple of months...or tervigon as i realy enjoyed painting skaven hell pit abomination while back and im hungry for another monster to my collection...who knows, i ll have time to think about that as im going to play few games with my space wolves during this and next week so i guess i ll decide then. Till next time!

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