Monday, November 14, 2011

Fire warriors wip

Hi again everyone, i ve just came from work and painted for a while. Was working on tau fire warriors i sprayed yesterday and i must say i like graveyard earth theme i chose for my tau more and more. I was surprised how i enjoyed painting them so far and with few expections im quite satisfied with ressults. Pardon about quality of picture but i used just my cell phone for wip shot and ll add better ones when i ll be finished with them. One of things i missed are mold lines, they are everywhere and i think i ll have to get me a glasses becouse i never notice them until i take a photo of the models. Second thing i ll want to improve on these guys is the marking on their right shoulder. For some reason my hand is bit shaky today and i ll have to fix those later. However achieving of this was pretty simple, basecotaed models with chaos black paint, then airbrushed them with graveyard earth and as i wanted to give models more colour variation i added bit of sunburst yellow in to and sprayed this mix at 45 degree angle onto models. I think i should have added a bit more of yellow to the mix as this layer is hardly noticable but in the end im hapy with them as they are. Cloth parts were just painted by adding two or three layers of badab black wash and the rest is obvious. Im satisfied with them as they are, but i think those guys deserve more attention as im not rushing anywhere this time. See u later!

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