Saturday, November 19, 2011

Refining old model - Chipping paint

Step 1
Hi again! I had to cancel my 40k games this week couse i ve got flu and dont feel good enough to enjoy gaming, instead of that i ve been thinking about refining my space wolves land raider as lr model was reason i started space marines army as my first 40k project. However i finished my old friend in rush and now when looking on to the model im just not satisfied with it. Im not a fan of high contrast highlihting whitch is commonly seen on games workshop models so i started thinking about other ways how to enhance my lr. Drybrushing and highlighting few eges with boltgun metal to represent scratched areas seemed like a fine idea couple of months ago, but now i would like to try somethink more complex to represent this efect. If you look at scratched car for example u can se the silver only in case the scratch is quite fresh and as the time is passing metal underneath the paint ll start to corrode and thats what i wanted to represent on the model.
Step 2
As you see on on picture step 1 i first painted the scratched area with brighter color than the base color is. Try to make the line around scratched are as irregular as you can, fun is that shaky hand is not a disadvantage in this case;-)Step 2 is bit trickier as you have to paint corosion and leave small outline you painted during step 1 visible, again, you dont have to be ultra precise if you are aiming for tabletop quality like me. For corrosion i used mix of brow and black color. Tamtadada, thats it, its pretty simple technique if you try it somewhere first. It take some time especialy if you want to cover a lot of space by this effect but i think our models are worth the effort.
 I ll try to further improve my land raider godhammer model so expect more articles called refining old model as i ll try to cover all the techniques im going to use in improving model whitch got me in to 40K as i think this centre piece of my space wolves army deserves more attention.

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