Monday, November 14, 2011

New begining

Hello everyone, while painting and listening to nine inch nails i come up with an idea to start another blog. As my grey seer blog i started bout year ago is dead becouse i sold my skaven army becouse both general anoyance by wfb rules and lack of oponents in city i live in. I managed to build and paint 2250point of space wolves in last four months and realized i m probably a painting addict(well that does not mean im good painter)and like sharing what i did along with few tips how i achieved ressult. I ll not make a mistake and start another army themed blog. I just want to share ideas, improve my english(hopefuly), make batrep time to time and have a fun writing. Those pages are going to be about painting minatures from warhammer 40K universe, right now im working on few tau, necrons and im going to paint few aditions for my space wolf army after new year. Most of you ll probably dont learn anythink new here but i ll be more than hapy if i ll hear some criticism and excited if my notes ll help/inspire somebodys painting. C u soon!

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