Monday, November 14, 2011

Devilfish "almost" done

Hello everyone, abouth month ago i installed dawn of war dark crusade and instead of starting and finishing campaign as space marines again i decided to try somethink new, i never liked tau much, but i never played them and thats maybe why i gave them a try, while playing i realized i started to like look most of tau units, i was pretty surprised as i never felt even hint of excitement while looking at tau models but as i saw them in game in motion they somehow impressed me. And that was exactly what i needed, after month of painting break and unability to finish few space wolves models i have left in my army case they gave me the apetite for painting again. As i like painting vehicles more than figures i ordered tau devilfish as i wanted to give a try to this chasis. Looked at coolminiornot to seek for inspirational colour theme i would  use for this model and  found i like the decent ones with less agresive colours most. As you can see on the picture i chose graveyard earth, seconded by scorched brown and added few bits of orange for my devilfish. I did most of the work on this using citadel spray gun and it was really quick work. I did this in about 5 hours of painting but skipped weathering whitch is my favourite part becouse i saw my gf ordering somethink from forge world and i belive i saw weathering powders in basket so i hope i ll find them under xmas tree. Usualy i do weathering using sponge, washes, earth mixed with gloss varnish etc but if im going to receive weathering powders as a gift, then im going to wait a little to have even better looking model. Hope you like my first tau model, i tought i ll paint just this one and then move on to new necrons but while painting i ordered squad of fire warriors so i belive this is start of small tau army for friendly games. But with vision of new codex soon this can quickly overgrow to another 2500p 40K project(my wallet hopes not);-)

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