Monday, December 26, 2011

Hard way towards improvement

Hello everyone, i ve just took time to take few pics of what i ve been doing in past two days. I ve been promising i ll try to improve my miniature painting so i ve collected spare bits and made my self another rune priest for my space wolves army. I tried hard and this guy took me about 3 hours of work but im still not even close of being satisfied for even moment with my miniature painting. No matter how hard im trying i still can not beat level of my fire wariors. When painting mini i just found my self fidling around too much and result is always somehow messy. Im in this hobby for about one year so i know i cant expect miracles but i think i should be better at this time. My minis look reasonable good on table, my goal is not attending painting competitions but i would like to have them looking better than average, and as i can see there is still much more i would have to improve than i tought couple of weeks ago when finishing my valkyrie. I ll have another chance to try harder tommorow as i have cadian battleforce incoming by post and i realy hope i ll not waste another chance for self improvement.

Second thing im working on is u-boat ixb kit i ve got as xmas present. I always liked german submarines but this kit really dissapointed me, it lacks detail and when first saw sprues made from different coloured plastic so it dont require further painting i wanted to ask my parrents where they bought it and if they still have receipt. However when came home i watched legendary german movie U-boat(nice movie for xmas evening) and started cutting pieces from sprues. Parts does not fit at all, lacks details but i can not blame manufacturer as this is motorized model intended to use as toy for kids, not a display model(kit itself contains few parts for non motorized display version but they are still ... meh). Have to use few parts from my gw bitz box to seal unwanted holes for swithces batteries etc and when started with grey undercoat i started to like the model and actualy what begin with disapointment is turning in to somethink im looking forward to finish. What a pitty im actualy reading False gods as i would like to start reading U-boat ace: story of wolfgang luth again;-)

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