Monday, December 26, 2011

Space wolves update

Hello everyone, one more update today as im in painting mood and while cooking my lunch i managed to paint one more space space wolf marine i had left on my table. Its a little improvement since rune priest i did couple of days ago in rush. As i found out a lot of people keeps asking me about what colours i used to paint space wolf armor when i upload pictures of my wolves somewhere, so im gonna run through layers i did on this model. Started with black undercoat and then sprayed whole model with vma german grey. Then applied coat of vma light grey at about 45 degree angle, followed by light coat of dilluted vma pale blue again at 45 degree angle. At this stage model was to bright so i applied coat of dilluted badab black wash and thats all.

I realize not everone is using vallejo model air colours so im going to adda one more simple example how i paint my greyish tone of space wolf armour. Im gonna use my predator picture as example bellow. I ve got a lot of response when finished this one all asking about how i painted this kind of grey. Its very simple 1:1 mix of shadow grey and adeptus battlegrey over black undercoat. Its very similar to tone i achieved with vma color range and i hope those few quick notes ll help somebody out googling what colorurs to use for space wolves as a lot of pepople dislike their traditional blueish comic book look. See you next time!

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