Thursday, January 5, 2012

First shock troop squad finished

Hello everyone, just finished first squad and comand squad from cadian battleforce. Not much to say about them, i tried my best and its up to you to judge the results. I know they are not the best cadians around but im quite satisfied with them and i think they ll look great on gaming table. They gave me oportunity to try few new tricks and i hope second squad ll be at least little better than first one. Please note in case of comand squad i wanted to use all weapon options sprue gave me as im still not decided how im going to play them and is always easier to replace bodyguard with special weapon by regular guardsmen than doing oposite. Hope you like them at least a little and after second squad of these dudes im going to paint leman russ tank just to test if i learned somethink from experience with my latest vehicle kit.


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