Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Imperial guard Devildog painting tutorial

Hi again everyone! Today i decided it would be nice to take some wip pictures and share them with you, allong with this idea i was thinking about writing a step by step guide about how i ussualy paint imperial guard vehicles. This tutorial is not meant to be a guide to best approach when painting ig tanks, its just series of steps i ussualy take when painting them. If you are interested then continue reading!;-)

1 - basecoat of vma german grey applied over gray primer coat. Barrels were primed by white primer.

2 - masking tape was applied to the model in preparation of spraying cammo pattern. Take your time, be shure tape is well alligned with the model surface.

3 - vma light grey was applied on to the model, model still looks quite boring but dont worry, now all the fun begins. Barrels received coat of red color.

4 - take a spare sponge and let soak tip of it in vma german grey again and start pushing the sponge gently to the parts painted in light grey colour concentrating on sharp edges to create ilusion of worn coat. Dont forget to dab your sponge on to the paper towel first as you don want to flood your model with exces paint.

5 - Use your sponge again, now i used mix of burn umber and black colour to create rusted paint chips. Again concentrate on the edges for best ressults. When feeling confident there is not much paint left in the sponge u can gently slide it around edges it creates nice highlight-like effect. Dont forget to sponge barrels too!;-)

6 - Now its time to give your model coat of varnish to protect your work and make yourself a wash made from burnt umber oil colour and white spirit. Apply this wash to all rivets. Dont worry about oil streaks, they ll dry out in couple of hours.

7 - You can make oil/rusted water streaks while having oil colour ready. Paint a little dot under the rivet or other place when streak would begin and wait for minute or two. Then use dry brush and drag the paint downwards. Oil paint can be blended in to the surface with couple of brush strokes very easy, experiment a bit and soon you ll find out.

8 - now we can complete the model and paint the details like tracks, weapons, cables, apply decals and many other details i dont remember about.

9 - load sephia wash(or any other wash you like and think fits to your model)in to your airbrush and dust it to the model a little. It ll create slight filter over your model. You can concentrate on some parts more, but be careful with it as was ll start creating water pools very fast. I usualy try to apply coat of wash filter like this to the bottom parts of the model and then i do few irregular patterns over the model.

10 - apply pigments to the parts like tracks with and old brush and you are done.

Enjoy finished model:

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