Sunday, August 12, 2012

Space wolves razorback

Im back with another additon, this time not for my army but for space wolves army i sold to my neightbour some time ago. Yesterday evening we ve been chatting a little by cigarete just outside my flat and he asked if i would like to paint razorback kit he had at home. I agreed as i had nothink to do on sunday morning anyways(and little cash as reward is always handy). Today morning i woke up, started cutting parts from the sprue and here is picture i took just before lunch. I used same colour like when i was painting my second sentinel. Just added more levels of highlighting as i kept adding vma pale blue to german grey colour as i ve been trying to shade the model to end up with final highlight of mix in ratio about 2:1 for pale blue. Rest was pretty obvious, keeping same procedure like i usualy do, trying not to complicate anythink as i really wanted to have piece finished by lunch time. And here is it, finished in table top quality. I quite like how the shades turned out, and i did not expected ressults that good. But its hard to judge my own model so i ll leave this to you. See you later this week as i have chaos terminator lord incoming by post as i want to prepare myself before 6ed starter set ll be aviable in stores;-) Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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