Saturday, August 18, 2012

Iron warriors terminator lord

Hi all! Time has come to paint few chaos terminators! Here is first "testing" piece i ve painted this week in breaks between chatting on facebook and playing minecraft(again:-o). I made few mistakes during painting as ussual as i was not decided how i am goint to paint this miniature, but i think i know how to improve painting procedure to have next chaos terminators i am going to paint even better looking than this one. I decided to build small chsm army for several reasons, first one is the lack of xenos/heretic players in our local gaming club, second is becouse i want a army for home gaming(yes i sold my crons), and third and last one is i want a army with low model count as i cant imagine traveling around our republic with my imperial guard army in two big gw cases, just to have friendly game with friends from different cities. I really hope new chsm dex ll allow terminator only army as i just love all kind of terminator models and it ll alow me to keep model count really low. My goal here is to fit whole army in to small gw case, so i can travell around with it comfortable. I know army ll not be competetive at all, but i just dont care as when i travel somewhere to have a friendly game and drink few beers after, its more a social event for me so i dont really care who ll win.

Now lets get back to painting. After priming a model i gave this guy coat of vma steel color, painted all the gold details and after that i airbrushed two coats of vallejo black shade wash over the model. Then rehighlighted gold parts and thats it. Rest is obvious and i think you dont want to read about painting black stripes with black colour, turqoise eyes with turqoise colour and so;-) Snow on the base is humble is humble baking soda and icycles are created from flying stand clear plastic glued with just a bit of superglue.

I really enjoyed this model and i dont really understand why gw does not make more HQ kits like this chaos terminator lord as its absolutely perfect kit worth the money you spend on it. Its a shame they dont include one more shoulderpad as i had to search thru my bitz box to found old space wolves terminator sprue for additional one but thats just a detail and otherwise than thant its best single character kit i ve seen so far.

Hope you like my latest work and thanks for reading!


  1. Fantastic paintjob, I like the variant with claws more, both are awesome though. Really nice, grim character

  2. Thanks for comment Adam! I concentrated on the atmosphere of model and im glad you like it. I skiped glowing power weapons and simillar luna park-like effects as i wanted the scene to have grim/dark/rough feel;-)


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