Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grey knight paladins done

Hello everyone, today after bit of chating at train modeling store i stormed on to remaining paladins i had on my desk and here is what i ve done to them. After mistake i did with first paladin i chose traditional aproach to zenital lightning instedad of inventing my own non working approach. Mixed vma steel with vma black and painted bottom parts first, then started adding more and more steel moving up with airbrush and finished with pure steel coat from the top of the models. Then just helped shading by spraying vallejo black wash to the bottom parts of models to help create more contrast and then just dusted thin layer of wash to remaining upper parts of model to darken really shiny vma steel a bit. Nemesis weapons were done with help of many tutorials on the youtube, but they turned out to be much trickier than it seemed on the videos. I consumed almost all of masking tape for them until i found out how to cut stencil in to right shape, but after many tries the last one was piece of cake, its really just about practice. Anyway when im looking on the ressults i was hoping for better. I still have to finish purity seals and many of books sometime in near future, replace bases as these are just temporary(train store was out of flock i wanted). But in the end i think i handled theese just good to reach gaming standard. Most important is i learned couple of lessons again and i can avoid some of the mistakes i did with next models so i can hope i ll end up better next time;-) See you soon and thanks for reading!

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