Friday, March 30, 2012

Grey knight paladin

Hi all! Finaly, i ve put my hands on grey knight terminators and allready done first testing piece. While painting this one one did couple of supid mistakes im going to improve with next ones, so i should be able to avoid grainy pattern on armor while creating more contrast shading. Anyway this one was a surprisingly quick one, i know i could add few more details but that would not change the general impression from the model and im going to add theese when i ll be finishing whole squad together. Painting process was pretty simple, using vma steel as a base colour, shading with black wash and then highlighting again with steel and that was the mistake u dont wanna to do if u dont like grainy pattern on your mini. I must confess i tought highligting model this way ll probably dont work due to consistency of metallic clours, but i guess i must try everything just to make shure im wrong;-) However i hope you are not disgusted by my latest mini and see you this weekend with rest of the squad.

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