Saturday, March 3, 2012

Painting Vendetta - part 2

Hello everyone, still working on vendetta today. As on pictures i masked what was needed to spray camo pattern and other details like stripes and nose. As model look awfuly clean at this moment i started sponging with mix of black and brown all the edges and worn surfaces. Then everything started to be a bit wild with oil paints. To achieve somethink like i did is very simple, however not ideal. Anyway if you are interested in somethink like this all you have to do is to paint a few dots where you want streak to begin and then drag them down with dry brush. You can help the paint with bit of turpentine on brush but be careful with that. Last step i did today was shooting washes through airbrush to add more color variations to model. Still much to be done, and actualy im in mood i might rework wings completely as weathering did not turned as well as with last valykrie i ve done. We ll see tommorow;-)

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