Sunday, March 18, 2012

New compressor and basilisk

Hello everyone! Finaly, i bought my self real compressor so i dont have to work with my old home made one, looted from old fridge;-) I have to say it makes real difference, even its cheap fendga. Just with no experience i noticed less grainy finish and my work is faster and more precise than ever. Buying one was definetly worth every penny i spent for it. My first model i wanted to test my new piece of painting gear was basilisk model. I made a few mistakes as i was learning hot to set PSI and what ammount to set for different steps but in the end i really like ressults. Finaly found compromise that works for me between traditional shading and zenital lightning. Decided to shade vertical surfaces as always, try to darken colors by panel lines and highlight by cenre of the panels and horizontal surfaces are done with help of zenital lightning, highlighting part of each panel closer to the light source and i really like how the model looks after this adjustment to my working habits. Unfortunately my old camera is not able to catch the model colours properly, but under naked eye its best piece i ever made if i exclude mistake with decal on gun barell. Anyway this is last guard model for couple of weeks i ve been doing as i need to get some rest from guardsmen. Im planing to order my self grey knight terminatros and death guard marines as i want to practice figures painting. See you soon!

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