Sunday, March 4, 2012

Painting vendetta - finished

Hello everyone! Finaly, after about 20 hours of work on this piece its finished. Since yesterday i sprayed delvan mud wash around rivets on the wings and darkened oil streaks. Then finished few details like lenses, never fitting canopy and few things i cannot remember about. Last step was adding decals while wathching adventures of sherlock holmes series and aplication of vallejo decal softener. Still have to make base but i dont have any idea for it yet, so i guess i ll left base unpainted till i got idea as i dont want just glue sand and grass to it. Still having unpacked box of cadian & chimera as it was for great price, but i ve got an apetite to paint few more marines. Unfortunately no more space wolves as i sold all of them at discount price to my neightbour as i dont like packaging and going to post office with dozen of packages. But i ve seen couple of inspiring blood angels lately so im playing with idea of painting furioso dreadnaught just for fun of painting and then sell it as i dont have room to store all the models i would like to have in my collection:-/ Hope you like lates addition to my imperial guard army and see you next time. Probably with cadians & chimera combined box or maybe blood angels?;-)

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