Sunday, October 28, 2012

Third Iron Warriors lord done

Yes, i felt in love with chaos lord kit and i keep ordering more of them. Here is my third take on it and im still looking forward to buy fourth kit to make another terminator lord for my collection;-) I know it might seem crazy for someone, but as i stated when finished my first iron warrior lord i feel like this is the best hq kit gw ever produced so i think it never hurt to have another ready for use under my painting desk.
I found this box contain a lot of interesting bits like precious combi meltas, claws and additional pieces so needed while regular chaos terminator box lacks optional parts so its definetly must have purchase for someone planing terminator themed chaos army. Another good source of bitz for chsm terminator customization is allready mentioned wolf guard terminator box, but more on this later when i ll be building second five of terminators.
As you can see i did few little conversions on this lord as i had nothing to do while i was waiting for spare parts for my airbrush and package with my ussual monthly order of gw plastic crack arrived earlier then i expected. I changed his leg pose a little cutting a bit there and adding bit of green stuff there to add bit of motion to otherwise static pose. In his left arm is sword stolen from dark vengeance chaos lord as i like this weapon a lot and i just realized non of my terminators have a sword, but its a shame this bit is a bit bended and i dont know if there is any way to fix the plastic parts somehow simillar to how resin bits can be straighten. ¨
For his second arm i was experimenting a bit with different positions of hand holding bolter, but it felt strange, distrupting impression of the pose so i decided to use second close combat weapon and decided to use axe as i like cold brutal feel of it.
For cloak enhancing i used chain skirt from the lords sprue and cutted it in to the slices to get few chains to be used as a cloak decoration. Added hook,skulls and while i did not manged to give the cloak look even close to angrons one (whitch was in my mind while i was cutting the chains and inspired me to try doing somethink simmilar) i still like this little enhancement and whats most important, i ll dont have 3 figures with same cloaks on the table when i ll take this army out for battle for first time;-)
Let me know your opinions and as quality of paint is not as great as in case of  previevous two terminator lords i quite like the little enhancement i ve made on this figure and i think it looks decent enought for gaming table. Thanks for reading, visiting and hope i ll add an update for this iron warriors project soon(damn forge world, im tired of awaiting packing order status). Thanks and see you!

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