Saturday, October 27, 2012

Iron Warriors project status

Hello everyone! Unfortunately i was not able to write updates as often as i would like to, but to be honest there was not much to write about past two weeks. As i took one week painting break and then started working on commisions and unfortunately damaged my airbrush during first cleaning. I had to wait for spare parts another week and delaying iron warriors project another week back.
Right now i am working on sisters of battle repressor and ll hopefuly finish it by tommorow morning and ll share picture and few toughts about painting red coloured vehicles with you.
While i was taking wip picture of repressor for client i decided to take a picture of whats finished for my iron warriors army and i feel quite excited how these few minatures looks together and started thinking about additions im planning to paint in following month.
Right now i we got another chaos lord in terminator armour with few little conversions basecoated ready and  waiting for gold parts and details to be painted. Next week ll hopefuly arive forge world order containing my first troop choices as i decided to replace old boring chaos space marine plastic miniatures with wonderful resin MKIII iron armored marines. And to keep me bussy i plan to order another squad of chaos terminators and wolf guard terminators to combine some of the bits as chaos termies dont have much options on their sprues.
After these few kits finished im planing to order wonderful obliterators from hi-tech miniatures as my early xmas present and after that i ll have to finaly decide on my army composition. Im still unshure if i ll use dual land raider supported by two vindicators list or just make 30 terminators list supported by few obliterators and cheap troop choices. Both lists im considering are not competetive at all, but at this moment when looking at little group photo floating around this article i just dont care and for first time i enjoy painting somethink i like and not whats powerful in codex;-)
Thanks for reading guys and see you next time!


  1. Always nice to see your models mate. This army will be quite the thing to look at once it is all done. Both cause of the painting and the sheer power behind those terminators!

    1. Thanks Lee, i hope i ll be able to post updates more often now as i want to focus on my own army now and have it finished(well, playable)till end of january.
      Im not much of gamer, but i hope these termies ll be threatening on the table same as on the pictures as losing all the time is not much of fun;-)


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