Thursday, October 4, 2012

All hope is gone - new chsm dex impression

Hiya again! Since yesterday morning i have just one thought echoing through my head. "wham am i going to do?" as i opened leaked chsm dex yesterday and all my hopes about rumored possibility of building all chaos terminator army were gone. Some of us dreamers belived rumored info that Abaddon will make terminators troop choice, however that was not truth. Instead of that he makes chosen troops, whitch may be nice for someone but not for me as i always loved all kind of terminator models and with new chsm dex comming it seemed like perfect idea for me that would suit my taste and finaly allow me to build low model count/easy to transport army for my casual gaming. What am i going to do now? I ve got several options.

Chose another terminator army - If someone likes terminators there is obvious choice of Bellials deathwing. I always liked bone coloured colour scheme, and the idea of all terminator army. It would be pretty easy to build with some forge world parts even nice looking army, but i never read any book about dark angels and i dont think i would like them fluff wise.

Another all terminator army possible is space wolves Logan-wing. Wolf guard terminators have excelent plastic kit, there is no need to order any additional forge world parts, i like idea of drunken space vikings and i had space wolves army before so i still feel i am a bit connected to them. Hovewer i dont know where i should get multiple cyclone missile launchers i would need as i searched ebay briefly and did not find any:-/ Other problem is that my most frequent oponent im going to play against in near future have my old space wolves and that would just not feel right to play wolves agains wolves all the time.

And i hoped i ll be able to build whole army of these:-/
Grey knight paladin army is another possibility for me, i know i could paint them well with all that popular eye catching force weapons and turqoise glow effects. I ll dont have to hunt for needed plastic bits as gk paladin kit is just awesome containing all you need to build an army. All i would need to get as addition are some custom parts from forge world, but i would have to get few of them if i decide for space wolves again as well so thats not really an issue. But again there is somethink i dont like about this idea. Everybody right now plays GK and i dont want that popular army.

Yes i can still build chsm army based on terminators and add two cheapest troops to sit on my home objectives and hope to wipe oponent out of his objetvies, that would not be a problem as im not aiming for competetive list at all, but i started wondering why i should start building an army where i like just few models(i think im too old for collecting robo-chicken-like daemon engines) and want to avoid others at all cost, if it would not be better to just move on?

Another and right now most probable possibility is to screw army building idea and use some of the saved money to buy my self a new nice new airbrush(thinking about harder & steenbeck infinity) and focus on improving my painting as i enjoy this part of hobby most anyway.
As you can see there is a lot of toughts circling my head right now and right now and i dont know what path i ll take in few following days. If you want to help me deciding then comment and let me know your opininons as i would like to hear them. Thanks for reading this wall of text and see you by next post!;-)


  1. The infinity brush is great.. picked it up last year for xmas. And seeing how you paint now, I can only say that we would all benefit from what you would be able to do with it!

  2. Tryzna, there is the Horus Heresy behind the corner... how about the Luna Wolves? Some Katafracts and Justaerin terminators...

  3. Lee: thanks for recommendation, i think i know now what ll be x mas wish for me this year;-)
    Jindra: Well, i love first 3 horus heresy books, especialy galaxy in flames, and ll get the new HH aka wh30K rullebook for shure. However i dont like the "retro" feel of some of the heresy era models and im not shure anybody would want to play against horus heresy army list. Right now im deciding between non-competetive(but composed from models i like)chsm list and red scorpions 1st(all terminators) company as my future army till new eldar/tau ll be aviable. Ll have to decide by sunday as i ll probably start unpacking first land raider;-)


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