Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Decision made - going iron warriors

Hello everyone, i ve got few hard days deciding if i should build chaos space marines army or not. Well as you see on the first picture its obvious i decided to build iron warriors army i ve been planing for couple of months. I came with idea of replacing humble power armored chaos marine model with forge world MK2(or MK3 im still not decided)armor and i might actualy be able to build a legal list close to what i was planing. Not much to say right now as im rushing to chatch morning bus to work but i ve just unpacked land raider and my plan is to build it during today and tommorow so i can bring you picture of finished model by sunday. Hope you like the first finished squad of my terminators(still have to drill barell holes) as i ve painted them same way as my chaos lords, just skiped and simplified a little some details as i would like to have army finished and ready for 1750p games by january and finaly start playing at least time to time. Hope you ll enjoy watching me working on this project, but dont worry, there will be few refreshments on the way as i have few commisions pending so i ll try to avoid monotonous streak of chaos related articles. Thanks for reading and have a nice day! See u!

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