Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chaos Land Raider - 99% finished

Hello everyone, after one week long break caused by purchasing new computer combined with release of new X-com release(god i loved ufo games)i decided its time to share with you whats new on my desk. I ve been working on land raider for my new army during the weekend and five minutes ago i tought its finished, but just now on pictures i notced i forgot to apply black wash to the receses on the armor, but otherwise than that i consider this model finished and i ll show it to you completely done in few weeks when i ll be doing another video showcase for chaos terminators i have in almost finished state as well and another chaos terminator lord im going to order right after i ll finish this post.
Painting this piece was a fun as always with land raider kit. Assembled without a problem as i decided to glue doors in place so i dont had to play with opening mechanism as i decided i ll not paint interior as it would never ever be seen again anyway.
Painting went almost smooth and i was experimenting a bit with vma black metal paint as a main color for this model. I quite like it how the grey/black chasis color turned out as its not boring black but i think i could add some texture to the model as right now its just boring flat surface. Adding some pigments and accesories form chaos sprue helped the model a bit, but its still not perfect and i have to think about this issue to be ready for another pieces for my army(another land raider and two vindicators are planned for this project).

You might be asking why the skulls on the chains are covered by bloody mess, well this was inspired by Storm of Iron book, when in the begining some of the iron warriors are slaughtering captives just before battle to please blood god so i tought it would be nice idea to have fresh looking skulls on the model as it would be demoralizing for the oponents seeing parts of their captured brothers mutilated spiked on the approaching iron warriors vehicles. And what i noticed after reading a book i think this would suit iron warrirors perfectly.
Havoc missile launcher is magnetized as i like how it looks but i do not intend to play them on my land raiders so they can be taken off the vehicle(and get lost) just before the game very easy.
Well and thats all i have to say about this model right now, if you have any questions just ask them and i ll try to answer. Thanks for reading guys and see you(hopefuly soon)by more sisters of battle & grey knights stuff i have to paint next. See you!

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