Wednesday, September 5, 2012

6th ed. starter - testing crimson slaughter theme

Hi again everyone! I ve just jumped out of the bed and made few finishing touches on the model i started to work on yesterday. I was surprised these minatures paint themselves alone, i dont know how i was able to paint this mini just under two hours:-o However i have to work on organic parts as im not satisfied with colours i used and ll have to improve this with next pieces. However im going to have coffe, cigarete and start working on next piece. I have chaos lord from the starter set allready painted red but i just cant resist to try next piece in black legion colours.
Anyway i like how red on this miniature turnde out as i tried to preshade model for first time over black undercoat with white and then started aplying reds from darker tones(vma fire red)and moving my airbrush above the miniature with brighter red(scarlet red) to finish highlighting with almost orange red(light red). Same approach like everytime i paint space marines miniatures but preshading model with white colour helped me a lot to achieve desired level of shading. I might do a step by step guide while i ll be working on more pieces but its a really easy way to make your miniature decently shaded. What a shame i did not tried this earlier:-/
Anyway thanks for reading and hope you like my first chsm testing piece.


  1. Nice work, and would love to see a tutorial on the pre-shading with the Airbrush. Have been trying to do that myself lately also.

    Will be picking up the boxset soon I think, and so this will be very helpful :)

  2. Im glad you like it, i hope you ll like next ones even more;-) Anyway i ll probably include space marine shading guide next week as i ll take few wip pictures and hopefuly these ll help somebody avoid some mistakes i ve been doing till recent past and now finaly started achieving promising ressults.


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