Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chaos chosen 1K sons theme & crimson slaughter Hellbrute

Hi all! Just cleaned my painting table of the mess i ve made on it during past few days while working on chaos chosen miniatures from the new starter set. I was unsure about colour scheme so i ve decided to try different scheme with each miniature as i bought multiple chaos halves and dont really have to care about every single model. At the begining i enjoyed painting each miniature different but now when i was testing thousand sons colours i cought my self just slapping the paint on to the model and not caring about the details. Thats why i decided to take a break for couple of days, do some other stuff and share with you whats done. I already shown you crimson slaughter, iron warriors and emperors children schemes so i ll not post all the pictures again(in fact im plannig to make showcase vid just after the lunch)and for now snap shot of 1k son facing crimson slaughter Hellbrute will do for couple of hours until i ll prepare the video. Please note these are just quick gaming pieces and there is still a lot of space for improvement and i hope i ll be able to grab at least some of it next week when i ll start working on another set. Thanks for reading and see you soon by the showcase video!;-)

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