Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sisters Of Battle Rhino - another "repainting" commision

Hello everyone! Just finished another commision worth sharing with you.Again as in case of grey knight razorbacks i received painted model and was asked to do somethink about it. Model was in much better condition than in previevous case, however not ideal. I received the model sprayed in red colour whitch was almost great but colour created small thick pools around the edges of most armour plates and in some details like winged skulls and other details. However i never painted rhino with all of the extra fw upgrades on it and i must say i enjoyed the model almost like doing it for my own collection.
I started with black undercoat as i wanted to have model clean before i ll start working on it. Then followed grey highlight over most of the upper model model parts to add white highlight to most exposed parts. With model preshaded like this i gave it coat of vma fire red to create nicely shaded surface. It took some time as i ve been softening colour transitions and added one more fine highlight of vma scarlet red. Rest of the painting was rutine. Added chiping with mix of black/brown colour, oil washed rivets, painted the details, add pigments around exhaust and little bit of dust pigments around the tracks and thats it. Ressult is not perfect and im not happy with some details, but as i received model allready painted i could not do much with few extra layers of paint in fine receses. Anyway i hope customer ll be happy with the look of "refined" model and i ll be given oportunity to take care about rest of his sisters of battle vehicles.  Let me know your opinon, do you think this commision is worth 25USD? Thanks for reading and see you by the next pieces.

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