Friday, September 7, 2012

Chaos chosen theme testing - emperors children, iron warriors

Hi again, im back to show you another two almost finished miniatures from new 40k starter set. This time i chose my favourite iron warriors colors and ugly looking emperors children theme. I know these are pre-heresy colours but i just cant stand heresy era emperors children scheme as it seems almost deviant to me:-o It was preshaded like i described in last article and given coat of Hexed Lichen followed by zenital highlight of HL again with some Squid pink added in to the mix. Iron warrior was done same as the terminator lord, Gunmetal basecoat followed by Steel Highlight and after that sprayed by vallejo Black shade wash. These minatures still need some finishing touches like weathering, battle damage and bases and i hope they ll really move forvard impression from them, however i still have thousand sons and maybee death guard themes to try out and most important is hellbrute still waiting not even primed on my desk;-) Let me know whitch colour suits to these awesome new minatures best and see you by weekend by hopefuly finished chosen models, thanks for reading!


  1. Very cool!
    The Iron Warrior looks very awesome

  2. Am still partial to the Khorne model, but the Emperor's Children ( even if it is pre-heresy ) is looking great. Iron warriors.. sorry, but I just go meh.. good painting, and waiting on Tzeentch and Nurgle though!

  3. Thanks for comments guys and im glad you like them. Actualy i cant decide if i should paint Lord, Hellbrute or try different colour scheme this evening:-o Stay tuned for next pieces and dont forget i will be giving away piece or two of them for free after the project ll be done, as i ordered just too many starter sets and dont really have use for them;-)


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