Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Crimson Slaughter arrived to my workbench

Good morning everyone! Yesterday evening i finaly got my hands on to the chaos part of new starter set. I decided to try various colour themes on these miniatures as i have multiplne chaos parts of starter set incoming by post. Plan is to try crimson slaughter theme featured on the box, black legion and im really looking forward to try this as i want to try highlighting black to the purple as i ve been impressed by this in space marine video game and last theme im going to try is semi metallic iron warriors scheme i tried on my chaos terminator lord couple of weeks ago. Right now i ve got first batch of miniatures preshaded and tried airbrushing red on the claws-guy and i think i ve got a solid base to paint on.
Maybe you are wondering what am i going to do with various chaos starter set miniatures painted in different schemes...well i ve been thinking about it and after the job ll be done i might giveaway couple of them to my blog followers!;-) Yes this ll cost me a bit as i live in country with most expensive postage on northen hemisphere of earth but i think it ll be a nice way to say thanks to followers of this little painting diary watching my pregression with paint and brushes;-) I have quite bussy week ahead of me, but i hope i should have finished first pieces by the weekend. See you then and thanks for reading!;-)

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