Sunday, September 23, 2012

Never ending story - Sisters Of Battle wip

Im back again with quick update about whats hapening on my desk. As you can see i received another part of pretty big Sisters Of Battle commision. Right now i basecoated all three vehicles so they are ready to receive first coat of red colour, but still lot of work needs to be done on these and it ll be bussy for me as i promised i ll finish them till next sunday;-) On the other side i have somethink to paint till new CHSM dex ll be aviable in stores and little extra cash before new GW release is always useful. Painting these ll be quite challenging as i received the models asembled allready, but im getting used to it and and as long as custromer understand everythink can not be perfect when i recive model in this state im fine with it. Wish me luck and steady hand in following week and i hope afeter these ll be finished i ll finaly paint few chaos themed pieces! Thanks for reading and see you!


  1. Good luck mate. They'll look nice in the end, I know the will.

  2. Thanks! I hope i ll not dissapoint your and customers expectations;-)


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