Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chaos chosen finished pictures & video showcase

Not much to say, i finaly took pictures of testing pieces to found out im still not decided what colours im gonna chose for next starter set im going to paint:-o Hope they ll give you idea how these new miniatures looks in different colours and make your decision about colour scheme for your models easier. As you can see i tried violet emperors children-like scheme, semi metallaic scheme for iron warriors, turqoise with blue highlight for thousand sons and the last one is painted in red as they are featured on games workshop site. As i ve said im still not decided what i ll do with next batch of chaos chosen miniatures and still have lord and another two chosen left on the table just preshaded but i think i ll leave them till new chaos space marines codex ll be aviable as if i ll like it i ll probably chose iron warriors scheme and if dont...well i hope i will, but if not i ll chose brighter scheme, probably 1k sons or emperors children and just paint them just for my display cabinet. Thanks for visiting and if you want enjoy the video showcase! Thanks

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