Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bringing ruined models to tabletop quality - GK razorbacks

Hello again! I feel like i did not bothered you with update for some time, so i think its time to share with you whats on my desk right now. Unfortunately these are not new chaos models(hopefuly they ll arrive tommorow)but kind of unusual comission.
After i painted space wolves razorback last month and received very positive feedback i decided to do a discount comission offer for painting rhinos/razorbacks this month. I received question from the customer asking if i could repaint allready painted models in state as shown on the picture. I never tried somethink like this before and when i saw brush strokes all over the models i tought this ll be hard.  However i agreed, explaining i can do this, however i can not guarantee ressult. Customer agreed, models came by post and i started working on repainting these razorbacks to grey knights colour scheme. The main issue i had with them during repainting is that they are sprayed by cheap hobby store spray and vallejo colours are creating small crackles while applied on this surface even afer the models received two coats of grey primer. However customers request was to bring these to table top quality and i hope i succeed achieving this goal. What a pitty i had to give models two coats of varnish becouse paintjob was very fragile on this non ideal basecoat and could be scratched off by finger nail, and model lost its shiny effect the model air steel color usually gives, but at least painting is now durable and as i tested on the back door it can not be scratched off and should whitstand normal handling. Repainted two of these so far and another two just landed on my table right now as customer was excited about how his models can look like and bringed me the next batch i had to paint during today as i want to jump right on to the new chaos models as soon as the postman with package appear at my door. Thanks for reading and see you by next update, most probably containing new 6ed starter set content!;-)


  1. Im really happy with you work. Thank you again!

  2. Im glad you like it. Sending other two today;-)


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