Saturday, September 29, 2012

No mercy - CHSM vs Krieg mini diaorama wip

Hello again! After a while i have somethink to share with you on pages of this painting diary. I just finished another part of sob commision(ll take pictures later)and right after a cigarete break i started preparing another project, this time for me to have another magnetized terminator lord serving as an action figure toy when im sitting bored at my desk;-) I decided to make him a decent base as i have few wooden ones around and finaly found use for this krieg mini i have in my bitz box for quite a long time. So far i ve used cork to to make me rocky looking base and completely magnetized terminator for all the weapon options, and even put magnets in to his feet so i can swith display base and gaming base with ease.
I came with the idea of making this mini diorama when i was ordering latest white dwarf and then i ve been thinking about what else should i add to the basket as it seemed stupid to me to order just WD and nothing else so i added this chaos terminator lord to the basket to satisfy my need to spend some money.

The plan i so to paint this terminator simmilar to my first iron warrior terminator lord and krieg ll recevie same colour scheme like the quarter master i ve been painting few months ago as i quite liked how the grey/blue colour scheme fits the krieg miniatures. I ve been even thinking about trying non metallic metals on the terminator as it would be exciting to try something new, but i cant help my self as i think this technique would not fit my imagination of chaos space marines so i ll better stick with my favourite vallejo metalic colours.
Base it self is going to be grey rock covered in snow while krieg ll have realy huge brutal looking blood trail behind him. I hope i ll  be able to give this scene atmospehere at least closing to the vision inside my head, but if not then nothing happen as im quite shure i ll enjoy painting this does not matter what;-) I have to  think about the base a bit more as i know its missing somethink and hopefuly i ll start painting this fun fun fun project by tommorow. Thanks for reading guys and see you soon. Oh, actualy very soon as i ll have to announce the winner of the painted chaos chosen giveaway in following days. See you then and i wish our chaos giveaway competitors good luck!

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