Sunday, November 27, 2011

Refining old model - weathering

Hi again, i came back to my working table to further enhance my not so good looking land raider model. I wanted to add  more colour variation to flat looking model. I washed bottom part of lr chasis wit several layers of devlan mud and after dried i weathered it again using oil paints. It was first time i was doing this and im not familiar with it yet, but i have few rhinos left to train on and i ll try to cover my findings about using oil paints for weathering later in another article. Next step was(as i love dirty looking models)adding layer of light earth powder to 2/3 of lr height. I know not everyone ll like that much of dirt, but its up to everyones taste.
after refing - stage 2
Second layer in bottom parts was obvious dark earth powder. Its my first experience with weathering powders and i think they save a lot a time during weathering the model and they are bit cheaper and better looking than method i was trying before. I added "before refining" photo and todays picture for you to see what can weathering powders do even in unexperienced hands. I ll practice a bit on my rhinos with oil paints and this weathering set. When satisfied with results i ll try to make simple, few steps long guide for you to follow. Not much of news or useful newbie guides today but im happy i made my lr look at least little better than before.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Refining old model - Chipping paint

Step 1
Hi again! I had to cancel my 40k games this week couse i ve got flu and dont feel good enough to enjoy gaming, instead of that i ve been thinking about refining my space wolves land raider as lr model was reason i started space marines army as my first 40k project. However i finished my old friend in rush and now when looking on to the model im just not satisfied with it. Im not a fan of high contrast highlihting whitch is commonly seen on games workshop models so i started thinking about other ways how to enhance my lr. Drybrushing and highlighting few eges with boltgun metal to represent scratched areas seemed like a fine idea couple of months ago, but now i would like to try somethink more complex to represent this efect. If you look at scratched car for example u can se the silver only in case the scratch is quite fresh and as the time is passing metal underneath the paint ll start to corrode and thats what i wanted to represent on the model.
Step 2
As you see on on picture step 1 i first painted the scratched area with brighter color than the base color is. Try to make the line around scratched are as irregular as you can, fun is that shaky hand is not a disadvantage in this case;-)Step 2 is bit trickier as you have to paint corosion and leave small outline you painted during step 1 visible, again, you dont have to be ultra precise if you are aiming for tabletop quality like me. For corrosion i used mix of brow and black color. Tamtadada, thats it, its pretty simple technique if you try it somewhere first. It take some time especialy if you want to cover a lot of space by this effect but i think our models are worth the effort.
 I ll try to further improve my land raider godhammer model so expect more articles called refining old model as i ll try to cover all the techniques im going to use in improving model whitch got me in to 40K as i think this centre piece of my space wolves army deserves more attention.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fire warriors finished

Hello everyone, just a quick update about my fire warrior squad. First batch is finished and i like how they came out. Sure there is many things i ll have to improve, like mold cleaning and do what i did now cleaner in general but i think i ve reached tabletop quality level allready and i can only hope and work harder to get improved with next batch. Since wip picture i decided to wash most recesses and ressult was worth the effort, same as make an addition to traditional sand and grass bases(cant help my self but i like sand and grass theme most). Right now im thinking about adding some battle damage to their armor, but i think i ll just keep these as they are. Hope you like them. Im still thinking about what i should paint as next model, maybe another tau model?Or leman russ tank im thinking about for couple of months...or tervigon as i realy enjoyed painting skaven hell pit abomination while back and im hungry for another monster to my collection...who knows, i ll have time to think about that as im going to play few games with my space wolves during this and next week so i guess i ll decide then. Till next time!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fire warriors wip

Hi again everyone, i ve just came from work and painted for a while. Was working on tau fire warriors i sprayed yesterday and i must say i like graveyard earth theme i chose for my tau more and more. I was surprised how i enjoyed painting them so far and with few expections im quite satisfied with ressults. Pardon about quality of picture but i used just my cell phone for wip shot and ll add better ones when i ll be finished with them. One of things i missed are mold lines, they are everywhere and i think i ll have to get me a glasses becouse i never notice them until i take a photo of the models. Second thing i ll want to improve on these guys is the marking on their right shoulder. For some reason my hand is bit shaky today and i ll have to fix those later. However achieving of this was pretty simple, basecotaed models with chaos black paint, then airbrushed them with graveyard earth and as i wanted to give models more colour variation i added bit of sunburst yellow in to and sprayed this mix at 45 degree angle onto models. I think i should have added a bit more of yellow to the mix as this layer is hardly noticable but in the end im hapy with them as they are. Cloth parts were just painted by adding two or three layers of badab black wash and the rest is obvious. Im satisfied with them as they are, but i think those guys deserve more attention as im not rushing anywhere this time. See u later!

Devilfish "almost" done

Hello everyone, abouth month ago i installed dawn of war dark crusade and instead of starting and finishing campaign as space marines again i decided to try somethink new, i never liked tau much, but i never played them and thats maybe why i gave them a try, while playing i realized i started to like look most of tau units, i was pretty surprised as i never felt even hint of excitement while looking at tau models but as i saw them in game in motion they somehow impressed me. And that was exactly what i needed, after month of painting break and unability to finish few space wolves models i have left in my army case they gave me the apetite for painting again. As i like painting vehicles more than figures i ordered tau devilfish as i wanted to give a try to this chasis. Looked at coolminiornot to seek for inspirational colour theme i would  use for this model and  found i like the decent ones with less agresive colours most. As you can see on the picture i chose graveyard earth, seconded by scorched brown and added few bits of orange for my devilfish. I did most of the work on this using citadel spray gun and it was really quick work. I did this in about 5 hours of painting but skipped weathering whitch is my favourite part becouse i saw my gf ordering somethink from forge world and i belive i saw weathering powders in basket so i hope i ll find them under xmas tree. Usualy i do weathering using sponge, washes, earth mixed with gloss varnish etc but if im going to receive weathering powders as a gift, then im going to wait a little to have even better looking model. Hope you like my first tau model, i tought i ll paint just this one and then move on to new necrons but while painting i ordered squad of fire warriors so i belive this is start of small tau army for friendly games. But with vision of new codex soon this can quickly overgrow to another 2500p 40K project(my wallet hopes not);-)

New begining

Hello everyone, while painting and listening to nine inch nails i come up with an idea to start another blog. As my grey seer blog i started bout year ago is dead becouse i sold my skaven army becouse both general anoyance by wfb rules and lack of oponents in city i live in. I managed to build and paint 2250point of space wolves in last four months and realized i m probably a painting addict(well that does not mean im good painter)and like sharing what i did along with few tips how i achieved ressult. I ll not make a mistake and start another army themed blog. I just want to share ideas, improve my english(hopefuly), make batrep time to time and have a fun writing. Those pages are going to be about painting minatures from warhammer 40K universe, right now im working on few tau, necrons and im going to paint few aditions for my space wolf army after new year. Most of you ll probably dont learn anythink new here but i ll be more than hapy if i ll hear some criticism and excited if my notes ll help/inspire somebodys painting. C u soon!
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