Sunday, October 28, 2012

Third Iron Warriors lord done

Yes, i felt in love with chaos lord kit and i keep ordering more of them. Here is my third take on it and im still looking forward to buy fourth kit to make another terminator lord for my collection;-) I know it might seem crazy for someone, but as i stated when finished my first iron warrior lord i feel like this is the best hq kit gw ever produced so i think it never hurt to have another ready for use under my painting desk.
I found this box contain a lot of interesting bits like precious combi meltas, claws and additional pieces so needed while regular chaos terminator box lacks optional parts so its definetly must have purchase for someone planing terminator themed chaos army. Another good source of bitz for chsm terminator customization is allready mentioned wolf guard terminator box, but more on this later when i ll be building second five of terminators.
As you can see i did few little conversions on this lord as i had nothing to do while i was waiting for spare parts for my airbrush and package with my ussual monthly order of gw plastic crack arrived earlier then i expected. I changed his leg pose a little cutting a bit there and adding bit of green stuff there to add bit of motion to otherwise static pose. In his left arm is sword stolen from dark vengeance chaos lord as i like this weapon a lot and i just realized non of my terminators have a sword, but its a shame this bit is a bit bended and i dont know if there is any way to fix the plastic parts somehow simillar to how resin bits can be straighten. ¨
For his second arm i was experimenting a bit with different positions of hand holding bolter, but it felt strange, distrupting impression of the pose so i decided to use second close combat weapon and decided to use axe as i like cold brutal feel of it.
For cloak enhancing i used chain skirt from the lords sprue and cutted it in to the slices to get few chains to be used as a cloak decoration. Added hook,skulls and while i did not manged to give the cloak look even close to angrons one (whitch was in my mind while i was cutting the chains and inspired me to try doing somethink simmilar) i still like this little enhancement and whats most important, i ll dont have 3 figures with same cloaks on the table when i ll take this army out for battle for first time;-)
Let me know your opinions and as quality of paint is not as great as in case of  previevous two terminator lords i quite like the little enhancement i ve made on this figure and i think it looks decent enought for gaming table. Thanks for reading, visiting and hope i ll add an update for this iron warriors project soon(damn forge world, im tired of awaiting packing order status). Thanks and see you!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Iron Warriors project status

Hello everyone! Unfortunately i was not able to write updates as often as i would like to, but to be honest there was not much to write about past two weeks. As i took one week painting break and then started working on commisions and unfortunately damaged my airbrush during first cleaning. I had to wait for spare parts another week and delaying iron warriors project another week back.
Right now i am working on sisters of battle repressor and ll hopefuly finish it by tommorow morning and ll share picture and few toughts about painting red coloured vehicles with you.
While i was taking wip picture of repressor for client i decided to take a picture of whats finished for my iron warriors army and i feel quite excited how these few minatures looks together and started thinking about additions im planning to paint in following month.
Right now i we got another chaos lord in terminator armour with few little conversions basecoated ready and  waiting for gold parts and details to be painted. Next week ll hopefuly arive forge world order containing my first troop choices as i decided to replace old boring chaos space marine plastic miniatures with wonderful resin MKIII iron armored marines. And to keep me bussy i plan to order another squad of chaos terminators and wolf guard terminators to combine some of the bits as chaos termies dont have much options on their sprues.
After these few kits finished im planing to order wonderful obliterators from hi-tech miniatures as my early xmas present and after that i ll have to finaly decide on my army composition. Im still unshure if i ll use dual land raider supported by two vindicators list or just make 30 terminators list supported by few obliterators and cheap troop choices. Both lists im considering are not competetive at all, but at this moment when looking at little group photo floating around this article i just dont care and for first time i enjoy painting somethink i like and not whats powerful in codex;-)
Thanks for reading guys and see you next time!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chaos Land Raider - 99% finished

Hello everyone, after one week long break caused by purchasing new computer combined with release of new X-com release(god i loved ufo games)i decided its time to share with you whats new on my desk. I ve been working on land raider for my new army during the weekend and five minutes ago i tought its finished, but just now on pictures i notced i forgot to apply black wash to the receses on the armor, but otherwise than that i consider this model finished and i ll show it to you completely done in few weeks when i ll be doing another video showcase for chaos terminators i have in almost finished state as well and another chaos terminator lord im going to order right after i ll finish this post.
Painting this piece was a fun as always with land raider kit. Assembled without a problem as i decided to glue doors in place so i dont had to play with opening mechanism as i decided i ll not paint interior as it would never ever be seen again anyway.
Painting went almost smooth and i was experimenting a bit with vma black metal paint as a main color for this model. I quite like it how the grey/black chasis color turned out as its not boring black but i think i could add some texture to the model as right now its just boring flat surface. Adding some pigments and accesories form chaos sprue helped the model a bit, but its still not perfect and i have to think about this issue to be ready for another pieces for my army(another land raider and two vindicators are planned for this project).

You might be asking why the skulls on the chains are covered by bloody mess, well this was inspired by Storm of Iron book, when in the begining some of the iron warriors are slaughtering captives just before battle to please blood god so i tought it would be nice idea to have fresh looking skulls on the model as it would be demoralizing for the oponents seeing parts of their captured brothers mutilated spiked on the approaching iron warriors vehicles. And what i noticed after reading a book i think this would suit iron warrirors perfectly.
Havoc missile launcher is magnetized as i like how it looks but i do not intend to play them on my land raiders so they can be taken off the vehicle(and get lost) just before the game very easy.
Well and thats all i have to say about this model right now, if you have any questions just ask them and i ll try to answer. Thanks for reading guys and see you(hopefuly soon)by more sisters of battle & grey knights stuff i have to paint next. See you!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Decision made - going iron warriors

Hello everyone, i ve got few hard days deciding if i should build chaos space marines army or not. Well as you see on the first picture its obvious i decided to build iron warriors army i ve been planing for couple of months. I came with idea of replacing humble power armored chaos marine model with forge world MK2(or MK3 im still not decided)armor and i might actualy be able to build a legal list close to what i was planing. Not much to say right now as im rushing to chatch morning bus to work but i ve just unpacked land raider and my plan is to build it during today and tommorow so i can bring you picture of finished model by sunday. Hope you like the first finished squad of my terminators(still have to drill barell holes) as i ve painted them same way as my chaos lords, just skiped and simplified a little some details as i would like to have army finished and ready for 1750p games by january and finaly start playing at least time to time. Hope you ll enjoy watching me working on this project, but dont worry, there will be few refreshments on the way as i have few commisions pending so i ll try to avoid monotonous streak of chaos related articles. Thanks for reading and have a nice day! See u!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

All hope is gone - new chsm dex impression

Hiya again! Since yesterday morning i have just one thought echoing through my head. "wham am i going to do?" as i opened leaked chsm dex yesterday and all my hopes about rumored possibility of building all chaos terminator army were gone. Some of us dreamers belived rumored info that Abaddon will make terminators troop choice, however that was not truth. Instead of that he makes chosen troops, whitch may be nice for someone but not for me as i always loved all kind of terminator models and with new chsm dex comming it seemed like perfect idea for me that would suit my taste and finaly allow me to build low model count/easy to transport army for my casual gaming. What am i going to do now? I ve got several options.

Chose another terminator army - If someone likes terminators there is obvious choice of Bellials deathwing. I always liked bone coloured colour scheme, and the idea of all terminator army. It would be pretty easy to build with some forge world parts even nice looking army, but i never read any book about dark angels and i dont think i would like them fluff wise.

Another all terminator army possible is space wolves Logan-wing. Wolf guard terminators have excelent plastic kit, there is no need to order any additional forge world parts, i like idea of drunken space vikings and i had space wolves army before so i still feel i am a bit connected to them. Hovewer i dont know where i should get multiple cyclone missile launchers i would need as i searched ebay briefly and did not find any:-/ Other problem is that my most frequent oponent im going to play against in near future have my old space wolves and that would just not feel right to play wolves agains wolves all the time.

And i hoped i ll be able to build whole army of these:-/
Grey knight paladin army is another possibility for me, i know i could paint them well with all that popular eye catching force weapons and turqoise glow effects. I ll dont have to hunt for needed plastic bits as gk paladin kit is just awesome containing all you need to build an army. All i would need to get as addition are some custom parts from forge world, but i would have to get few of them if i decide for space wolves again as well so thats not really an issue. But again there is somethink i dont like about this idea. Everybody right now plays GK and i dont want that popular army.

Yes i can still build chsm army based on terminators and add two cheapest troops to sit on my home objectives and hope to wipe oponent out of his objetvies, that would not be a problem as im not aiming for competetive list at all, but i started wondering why i should start building an army where i like just few models(i think im too old for collecting robo-chicken-like daemon engines) and want to avoid others at all cost, if it would not be better to just move on?

Another and right now most probable possibility is to screw army building idea and use some of the saved money to buy my self a new nice new airbrush(thinking about harder & steenbeck infinity) and focus on improving my painting as i enjoy this part of hobby most anyway.
As you can see there is a lot of toughts circling my head right now and right now and i dont know what path i ll take in few following days. If you want to help me deciding then comment and let me know your opininons as i would like to hear them. Thanks for reading this wall of text and see you by next post!;-)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No remorse - Iron warrior slaughtering Krieg video showcase

Good morning once more! Im back once more today to share showcase of my latest work with you. Hope you ll like this display base same as i am and you ll feel at least a bit of atmosphere i tried to recreate based of my imagination of iron warriors. Thanks for visiting and enjoy video!;-)

Painted chaos giveaway winner

Hello everyone! I would like to say many thanks to all the competitors and here is vid of drawing one of you. Congrats to the new owner & and wish best luck to all others next time! Thanks for everyone who contributed and see you all again soon!

Monday, October 1, 2012

No remorse - IW vs Krieg display base finished

Good Mornin everyone! I ve just finished this lovely piece of plastic today morning. In fact the miniatures themselves were finished 6 hours after i posted first wip pictures but i ve been playing with base whole yesterday. Waiting for white glue dry, then waiting for onetime spackling whitch i used for snow to dry(awesome product from red devil company). Then again waiting for blood and gore made from mix of scarlet red, burnt umber and UHU glue to dry properly, so as you can see i ve been waitng a lot;-) In the time between of all the drying i had few tasty hamburgers and today morning i ve just added few last details like icicles and so.
Terminator is like the last one i ve built magnetized for all weapon options and attached to base by magnets as well, so i can put him on a gaming base if desired easily. Originaly i ve been planing this piece with storm bolter in one hand and chainfist in another as i tought it would be nice stylish tool for this scene but after i tried how power axe looks i knew its cold, brutal look looks much better and adds more brutal atmospehre to the piece than futuristic weapon like chainfist. However im glad i have all weapon options prepared by side as i can switch them if needed. In fact im switching them a lot just playing with the miniature on the table time to time and with previevous terminator i cought my self playing with the model for about hour while doing "pew pew" on my guardsmen;-)
Dont really have much more to say about this piece as i dont know what you might be interested in so if you have questions, want to replicate some parts of this on to your own model, then feel free to ask me in comments, it ll be pleasure to answer you. Thanks for reading and see you tommorow as i ll announce chaos giveaway winner and hopefuly add showcase video of this piece. See you!

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